Restaurant JASENC has a good reputation. It is located in peacfull nature, near forest Kočevje. It is only 2 km remote from Kočevje, but far enough to enjoy in peace. We have tidy the car park, that is covered with shaddow. We also have smaller playground for children.



We can accept 120 guests. and in summer time 50 guests more on our beautifull, with flowers surrounded garden. We are organizing presonal and familiy selebrations, anniversarries, wedinngs and also one sevenhs by good prices. We have special offer for organized bus trippers, beside that we are organizing one day trips (expeditions and cycling with sightseeings).




From our kitchen comes a smell of good traditional food. We offer always fresh prepared dishes, dishes that you can order in advance, grilled dishes, traditional dishes and fishes. But mostly we are recognized by mushroom dishes and vension dishes. Here you can get old dishes from Kočevje, home cakes and even dormouses.
We offer different refreshments, lunches and pizzas. Our guests can also try vintage wines, home brandies and other drinks for all tastes.



ome dishes from our offer:
mushroom soup, beef broth with žličniki, rice with sea fruits, rice with mashrooms, fried mashrooms (jurčki), mashrooms with, rabbit, goulash with potato balls, salad with beef, filled calves breasts, different stakes, roast meat (roast beef, pork and veal), beefsteak, chese štruklji, mushroom pie, dormouse

We organize also:
onedays watery trips, trekking, cycling, picnics.